This urban loft has south and east facing windows that flood the space with stunnng light 


Exposed brick & white walls make it an open space with lots of possibilities! Ideal for portraits, corporate headshots, commercial or styled shoots, video, and other small productions. 


Bright and open space give endless possibilities for photo + video production. 


Hourly + Full Day rates available! 




No more than 8 people allowed in space (exceptions for immediate family)


Any guest not actively being filmed/photographed must wear a mask. 

Social distancing will be followed while in space. 


Hand washing + general hygiene 

No one with fever, cough, or other related symptoms will enter the building! 




Exposed brick

South & East facing natural light

Freight elevator

Easy load-in, load-out


Please note, this is an old building. It is also a shared building space. The studio is located on the 2nd floor, this is a walk up unit. The freight elevator can only be accessed from inside the building on the 2nd floor. 


VIDEO PRODUCTIONS: There are tenants below and above. The windows are NOT soundproof. Street noise can be heard. Other tenants walking, can be heard. Video productions are welcome in the space, please book with the understanding that you may experience background noise. 


LOCATION: The studio is located in Pioneer Square near Jackson Street Station. Because many businesses are closed at this time, there are more houseless people in the area than usual. This means tents are around and near the building. This is out of our control. 


Please message me with any questions, I am happy to help make your time in the studio a success!!